Book #6: MONEY Master the Game


I am beginning to suspect that I was maybe one of about 20 people who hadn’t heard of Tony Robbins before I read this book. Now that I know who he is, he seems to turn up all over the place. Kind of like when you buy a blue Volkswagen and then suddenly you start noticing blue Volkswagens everywhere. It’s amazing how many successful people credit Tony Robbins with inspiring them and/or helping them turn their lives around during hard times. Perhaps the craziest reference is during the movie Zero Dark Thirty. I caught it on TV again the other day and laughed in surprise, because this exchange meant nothing to me the first time I saw it. The helicopters carrying the Navy Seals are en route to Pakistan for the mission to kill Osama bin Laden. One of the Seals is wearing earbuds. His friend asks him, “What are you…

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Gambling – a tax on the stupid?

Completely agree…

The Insider Accountant

Call me boring, call me risk averse, call me whatever you like, but I have never understood the allure of gambling in all of its forms. Maybe it’s because I have always been fairly competent with mathematics, and could therefore assess the odds? And maybe that has something to do with why I am an aspiring early retirer?

Or maybe it’s because I have always been so, well… bored… by it all. Perhaps gambling for me is like discussing money for the typical hyper-consumer – of absolutely no interest.

Anyway, whatever your views towards gambling, it is worth understanding some of the basics of this burden on society and why anyone that wants to be Financially Independent should steer clear of it altogether.

Odds of winning

I am simply amazed at the lack of understanding of the odds of actually winning the major prize, because if anyone whose head was able to overrule their heart…

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Roundup of latest loan news in 2015

Business Finance

Lots of things happening at the moment.

Best Advice magazine is reporting on how there is a 50% rise in new house buyers over the last two years – more details here: and Mortgage Strategy is commenting on how Bob Young is doing in terms of the launch of his new Buy to Let specialist lender, Fleet Mortgages.

Loan scams are still making the news and Bridging and Commercial is reporting how gangs of con men have been involved in multi million pound scams which have also implicated a lot of loan brokers. Full story here. Talk-Finance is leading with news that Just Cashflow, the short term business lender, is looking to ramp up its operations and take on the longer standing business loan lender, Ezbob. Just Cashflow is looking to make an even bigger impression amongst the intermediary community in 2015 and they have plans in place to attract even more funding from a number of institutional investors. More on this story at Talk Finance.

Whitestar Loans launches new car finance site

Whitestar Loans has launched a new car finance arm to take into account the increasing amount of web visitors going to their site looking specifically for car finance. The new business can be found at and as part of their service, all quotes are free, whether or not a customer is looking for car finance, car leasing or a special hire purchase deal.

Car dealers across the UK are experiencing greater levels of interest in the latest car leasing and financing deals according to Car Dealer Magazine.

Note for Editors: Whitestar Loans launched in 2010 originally catering for customers looking for a guarantor loan. Since then they have branched out into other areas of financial services.