Spend Less and Be Happier With What You Have

Could not agree more. I had a life changing event in 2014 and I now look at things completely differently.

Brews and Budgets

Today I just want to drop in a quick note. I have always been very interested in the minimalist ideas and simple lifestyle. I myself have never committed fully to it but I believe that there is a lot to learn from cleaning your life from clutter.

As this New Year is still in its youth I want to make a commitment to clean my life, apartment and finances from unnecessary clutter. I would love to document some of this on the blog as well. Life has been busy lately and I have not been posting with much consistency but I will try my best to show changes I have done and how it all works out!

What I’ve done so far this year to change financially. I have started contributing more money to my Student Loans of which I have approximately $30,000 to pay off and plan to pay…

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