How to Create the Budget of the Wealthy – Creating a Cash Flow Plan

This is the sort of cash flow plan i want to read about!

The Small Investor

If you want to become wealthy, you need to manage money like wealthy people do.  As Robert Kiyosaki explains in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, people who are poor or middle class have money come into their pockets through work and then right out again for expenses.  Rich people use some of their money to acquire assets – things that make money for them.  These assets keep paying them their whole lives, allowing them to increase their income little-by-little.  This is having your cake and eating it too.  When you have a cash flow plan where the income from assets is used to buy more assets, you really have the recipe for building wealthy.

In Chapter 6 of The SmallIvy Book of Investing, Book 1I go through the process of creating a cash flow plan.  A cash flow plan shows how money comes into your life and…

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